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If Tim Eyman’s so concerned about flat wages, why’s he trying to repeal $15/hour in Seattle & SeaTac?

As we have seen over the last fifteen years, Tim Eyman’s view is that there is never a good time for the people of Washington to pool their resources to get things done. It doesn’t matter whether the economy is strong or weak; what’s crystal clear is that Eyman simply doesn’t believe in mutual responsibility […]

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Scoring the media: Who covered the news of I-1325’s demise, and who didn’t?

Happy Fourth of July! Yesterday, following Tim Eyman’s belated acknowledgement that the signature drive for I-1325 had failed and he would not be submitting any signatures to the Secretary of State for validation, several media outlets picked up on the story, including the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Herald of Everett, and the Spokesman-Review of Spokane. But […]

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Tim Eyman is falsely advertising Initiative 1325

Ever since the Washington State Supreme Court decided the League of Education Voters case in early 2013, Tim Eyman has been agitating to reinstate the unconstitutional two-thirds vote requirement for raising revenue contained within I-601 and its clones. After arguing for years that the two-thirds vote requirement was constitutional (it wasn’t; it violated Article II, […]

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Setting the record straight on HB 2552

Throughout the past week and a half, Tim Eyman has been sending out near-daily emails trashing House Bill 2552, the initiative process transparency and accountability bill that passed out of the Washington State House of Representatives on February 17th with a large bipartisan majority. Eyman has been asking his supporters to write to all of […]

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I-1325 would contravene the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision

Today, while Tim Eyman was busy trying to generate more publicity for his latest initiative by confronting House Speaker Frank Chopp in the statehouse, the Washington State Supreme Court ordered the State of Washington to submit, no later than April 30th, 2014, a “complete plan for fully implementing its program of basic education for each […]

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Tim Eyman’s “advisory votes” are really costly, deceptive, and unconstitutional push polls

NPI’s Permanent Defense today released a new critical analysis of the “advisory votes” required by Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960. Titled “Tim Eyman’s “advisory votes” are really costly, deceptive, and unconstitutional push polls“, it explains that the five “advisory votes” on this year’s ballot are an expensive sham intended to maliciously influence voters, not provide our […]

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Advisory vote costs are not “chump change”

Earlier today, The Herald of Everett reported that the Secretary of State has scheduled five meaningless “advisory votes” following the Legislature’s passage of five bills that resulted in revenue being raised or recovered for the state treasury. The advisory votes are required a provision of Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960, which narrowly passed in 2007 and […]

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Tim Eyman again borrows against his house as a fundraising gimmick for his latest initiative

Tim Eyman acknowledged today that he is moving forward with his latest unconstitutional initiative by loaning his campaign committee a quarter of a million dollars, presumably so that he can begin a signature drive for the measure. Eyman is once again borrowing against his house, as he has in years past – or at least […]

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Tim Eyman again floods reporters’ inboxes with worthless ten-year cost projections

Just before 10 AM this morning, Tim Eyman sent out an email claiming that the House Democrats’ revenue package raises taxes by $5.3 billion. Eyman enclosed a table of ten year cost estimates prepared by the Office of Financial Management (OFM). What Eyman neglected to mention is that these ten year cost projections are worthless, […]

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Tim Eyman continues his ugly, stinky, and disgusting behavior with repugnant attack on Jay Inslee

Yesterday, after the House Democratic caucus unveiled its proposal for a new package of transportation improvements funded primarily by an increase in Washington’s fuel tax, we had a feeling that a hyberbolic rant was on the way from Tim Eyman, who the media has turned into Washington’s most visible and powerful unelected politician. And sure […]

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