Celebrating twenty-one yearsWelcome to Permanent Defense, a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute founded in February of 2002 to protect the Evergreen State from destructive right wing initiatives. We work to safeguard Washington’s common wealth, which funds our schools, transit, roads, parks, libraries, hospitals, police, fire, and emergency medical services… or, more concisely, all of the great public services that we as a people have created through the years through the wise investment of our tax dollars.

For decades, our common wealth has been threatened and attacked by a steady onslaught of right wing initiatives designed to paralyze our communities and wreck government. Permanent Defense exists to provide a year-round first response to these harmful ballot measures. In cooperation with other caring Washingtonians, we are fighting to ensure a better future for our state and broader prosperity for our families.

Recent victories

Justice is Served Upon Tim Eyman

Victory: I-976 struck down!