Welcome to Permanent Defense, a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute founded in February of 2002 to protect the Evergreen State from bad ballot measures proposed by the militant right wing. Permanent Defense’s primary objective is to safeguard Washington’s common wealth, which funds our schools, transit, roads, parks, libraries, hospitals, police, fire, and emergency medical services… or, more concisely, all of the great public services that we as a people have created through the years through the wise investment of our tax dollars.

For decades, our common wealth has been threatened and attacked by a steady onslaught of right wing initiatives designed to paralyze our communities and wreck government. Permanent Defense was created to provide a year-round first response to these harmful ballot measures.

We are actively working to defeat six schemes sponsored by Washington State Republican Party Chair and funded by megadonor Brian Heywood that threaten Washington’s future. To learn more about these destructive initiatives, please visit stopgreed.org. Help fund the early organizing needed to ensure an effective opposition campaign by making a donation here

Stop greed: Vote NO to protect Washington 

Mobilizing for 2024 to counter new threats

Stop Greed: Vote no in 2024
Visit StopGreed.org to learn about six harmful right wing initiatives we're opposing that could be headed for next year's November general election ballot