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A site visitor is any person who connects to and views any section of our website outside of the Permanent Defense organization. Permanent Defense collects the following information from site visitors when they connect to our website:

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Permanent Defense does not require personal or private information from site visitors to browse.

Permanent Defense encourages site visitors to become “interactive visitors” by contacting us with thoughts, comments, questions, or suggestions.

An interactive visitor is a site visitor that initiates communication with Permanent Defense either electronically or by mail. Interactive visitors are not required to provide their name and email address when they submit comments to Permanent Defense through its submission form. Permanent Defense maintains this form for the explicit purpose of allowing interactive visitors to remain anonymous.

Those interactive visitors who do provide their personal information to Permanent Defense and indicate they would like a response or newsletter subscription do so of their own choosing. Personal information is treated with great care and is not shared with any other third party, at any time, for any commercial or noncommercial purpose, without consent of the interactive visitor, unless (a) the information is subpoenaed or required by court order, or (b) we find that your actions on our Site violate our Terms of Service.

By pressing any “submit” button on our website, and thereby using our submission forms, you agree to: (a) refrain from “spamming” the form (purposely submitting the form repeatedly in order to clog up the submission system), (b) not submit profane, racist, or other derogatory comments, and (c) use the submission forms only to convey your comments/opinions, ask questions, or request information or a subscription.

When you make a submission to Permanent Defense, you are allowed to specify what Permanent Defense will do with that information. Your wishes are followed as best as possible. However, Permanent Defense makes no warranty or guarantee that the information will be used in the exact manner in which you specified.

Site visitors and interactive visitors are given the opportunity volunteer and become supporters of Permanent Defense if they wish. Applicants must provide personal information about themselves, their residence, and means of contact in order to become supporters. Applicants must also agree to Permanent Defense’s mission, vision, values, and policies to participate in Permanent Defense’s work.

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You may link to content on, as long as your use and or description of the content is not misleading or illegal.

This Site contains links to websites owned and operated by others. Permanent Defense has not reviewed all sites it links to through this website, and cannot be held liable for access or usage of other websites. When you access those other sites, the terms and policies that relate to such sites will govern your rights and obligations.

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Permanent Defense uses media stories and articles to inform site visitors of current news.

All media stories using actual headlines or text from sources are linked, dated, and identified. Permanent Defense will never publish news text or information from a source without properly identifying and connecting it. Statements, news reports, and summaries from the Release Center or other sections of the site have been written authentically, however.

Any individual who feels that Permanent Defense is using their articles, reports, or other content improperly or illegally should immediately contact Permanent Defense at postmaster (at) permanentdefense (dot) org

If you believe your work has been reproduced illegally or in an illegitimate fashion, you may contact Permanent Defense to notify us. Please provide the following when doing so:

  • Identification of the content for which you claim infringement, and information sufficient to help us locate the content,
  • Identification of the copyrighted material which was infringed upon,
  • Address, telephone, fax and or email at which we may contact the complainant,
  • Representation that you have authorization to act on behalf of the copyright owner and that the content was used without the authorization of the owner,
  • Signature (physical or electronic) of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyrighted material.

Please send your complaint to postmaster (at) permanentdefense (dot) org

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Permanent Defense reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at its sole discretion. You should periodically check this page to ensure you are informed of any and all changes to the Terms of Service.

If you use the site after the Terms of Service has been amended, you agree that your use of the site is bound by the amended Terms of Service. Any portion of the Terms of Service may be suspended, modified, or restricted by Permanent Defense at any time, without notice or liability.


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