If you value Washington’s common wealth as much as we do, please consider donating your time to help us maintain a first line of defense against the threat of harmful right wing initiatives. There are several ways you can help:

  • Report right wing signature gathering activity. We can track, analyze, and even respond to petitioners hoping to make a buck off of your signature if you lend us your eyes and ears. Our objective is to field a grassroots progressive network that is capable of watchdogging the other side’s initiative drives…and preventing harassment of voters by out of state mercenaries.
  • Join our Rapid Response team. Help us respond and react to right-wing misinformation in the media. You’ll receive occasional alerts notifying you of opportunities to leave comments and write letters to the editor. Letters to the editor, in particular, remain a powerful way to make your voice heard, and writing them doesn’t take too much time.
  • Become a member of NPI and help organize opposition to right wing initiatives. Because Permanent Defense is a grassroots project, it relies on the energy of caring Washingtonians to be effective. We need volunteer organizers help get communities and key constituencies mobilized. This denies the right wing the benefit of increasing their power in a vacuum.
  • Subscribe to our feed. Keep yourself notified about campaign developments and other news by subscribing to the Permanent Defense Newsroom feed to get our analysis and announcements delivered to your reader of choice.
  • Distribute information. Another way to take action is to help your neighbors become better informed. Permanent Defense has flyers, fact sheets, and other important information available for your use. You can download and print these materials to give to your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Follow us on social networks. You can follow Permanent Defense on both Facebook and Twitter to receive project and campaign updates. The Northwest Progressive Institute, Permanent Defense’s parent organization, is also on Facebook and Twitter as well as Instagram and Tumblr.

Finally, you can help spread the word by telling friends and family about Permanent Defense. It is absolutely critical that Washingtonians know what they’re voting on before they vote. We also invite you to bookmark our site for future reference.

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Mobilizing for 2024 to counter new threats

Stop Greed: Vote no in 2024
Visit StopGreed.org to learn about three harmful right wing initiatives we're opposing that are headed for the November general election ballot

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Permanent Defense works to protect Washington by building a first line of defense against threats to the common wealth and Constitution of the Evergreen State — like Tim Eyman's initiative factory. Learn more.

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