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2006: A year of victories for Permanent Defense, a year of defeats for Tim Eyman

Following yesterday’s Supreme Court decision which affirms that Sound Transit may continue to collect the local motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) it has levied for years, a tally of developments indicates that 2006 is very likely Tim Eyman’s worst year – ever. Among Eyman’s losses, defeats, and setbacks this year: He failed to qualify Referendum […]

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Victory! Four for four against right wing initiatives in 2006

Yesterday, Permanent Defense won an astoundingly incredible victory that can hardly be described in words. It was historic, it was monumental, it was titanic in size and scope. It was in almost every respect a complete rout of the regressive right wing agenda and a victory for progressives and Democrats. Anti-tax zealots are reeling after […]

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You never know when Eyman’s telling the truth

Not too long ago, the lying initiative profiteer sent out an email to a few select supporters saying the campaign for R-65 was in trouble and in need of more signatures. Now Eyman is boasting that his supporters are not overconfident, and he’s within striking distance of having enough signatures by June 6th. It’s typical […]

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Eyman reveals signature drive progress for R-65

We have no way of knowing whether Tim Eyman is telling the truth, but we do know that Tim Eyman sent an email today to supporters and the media. In it, he says that only 8,718 signatures have been collected for Referendum 65. 112,440 valid signatures are required for qualification on the ballot, but Eyman […]

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Referendum 65 petitions filled with lies

Washington state voters should be aware that Tim Eyman and the religious right are once again attempting to deceive and mislead the public. Permanent Defense has obtained copies of Eyman’s R-65 petition, which, strangely enough, he has not been distributing to his email list of supporters. (Eyman’s small band of supporters have been getting fundraising […]

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Washington State GOP Won’t Touch Eyman

Washingon Sate’s new GOP chairman is Diane Tebelius, a tough Republican lawyer who really wants to be called chairman. The Stranger grilled her on her party’s intent to support Tim Eyman’s initiatives in November. Here was her reply: Does your party support Tim Eyman’s attempts to repeal the gay civil rights bill? The party is […]

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Eyman attacks civil rights

On Monday, January 30th, Tim Eyman filed an initiative to overturn the recently passed HB 2661, which outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation. Tim Eyman has truly established himself as an evil person: He seeks to cripple the very institutions that form the foundation of our representative democracy. He seeks to appeal to the people […]

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