Welcome to Permanent Defense, a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute founded in February of 2002 to protect Washington from destructive right wing initiatives. Our mission is to safeguard the common wealth: our schools, our roads, our parks, our libraries, our hospitals, our police, fire, and emergency medical services…or, more concisely, all of the great public services that we as a people have created through the years through the wise investment of our tax dollars.

For over a decade, our common wealth has been threatened and attacked by right wing initiatives designed to paralyze our communities and wreck government. Permanent Defense exists to provide a year-round first response to these harmful ballot measures. In cooperation with other caring Washingtonians, we are working to ensure a better future for our state and broader prosperity for our families.

Join the coalition fighting Tim Eyman’s I-1366

NPI’s Permanent Defense is currently organizing a coalition to fight Tim Eyman’s latest and most destructive initiative yet: I-1366. Join us, and help ensure that Tim Eyman’s scheme to blackmail the Legislature into sabotaging our Constitution gets the opposition that it needs and deserves.

NO on Tim Eyman's I-1366

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