Unscientific KOMO Facebook poll finds clear majority would rather have Sound Transit projects than lower car tabs

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A clear majority of participants in an unscientific, weeklong Facebook poll of KOMO viewers say they would rather have Sound Transit projects than lower car tabs — a result that will probably come as a nasty shock to disgraced initiative promoter Tim Eyman.

Why? Because for nearly eighteen months, Eyman has been circulating this image from a July 2017 KOMO broadcast to argue that his scheme to gut transit funding is popular:

Screen capture created by Tim Eyman of a KOMO viewer poll

As best we can tell, this is a photo Eyman took while his DVR (digital video recorder) was paused. The photo shows the results of an unscientific audience poll KOMO ran at some point with an unknown number of participants, which lamely asked whether viewers supported capping vehicle fees at thirty dollars — without mentioning the trade-offs.

Eyman, a serial liar, has repeatedly included this image in the emails he sends out under the caption “The people are clearly on our side” — even though he knows perfectly well that unscientific polls created by television stations are not valid evidence of public opinion.

And this new KOMO viewer poll nicely proves that point, since it contradicts the one above that Eyman won’t stop citing. The new poll, launched last Wednesday evening by the Sinclair-owned television station, was open for a week. It closed only this evening. While voting was open, more than 1,500 Facebook accounts participated.

The question posed by KOMO to its viewers was as follows:

What’s more important to you?

Tim Eyman is pushing a new state initiative to cap car-tab fees at $30.

  • Lower car tab fees
  • [or] Sound Transit projects

KOMO viewer poll: 55% prefer Sound Transit projects

55% of poll takers voted for Sound Transit projects, while 45% voted for lower car tabs.

With this poll, KOMO did a much better job of coming up with a question for its viewers to answer than it did back in July 2017. The query this time is just as simple, but the answers are more meaningful: you can have what Eyman is trying to sell you, or you can keep projects to provide an alternative to gridlock — but you can’t have both.

Since this is an unscientific Facebook poll, it is not evidence that the public opposes Eyman’s I-976. Unless, that is, anyone cares to interpret the results using Tim Eyman’s logic. In that case, this poll result shows that the people are clearly on the side of Sound Transit, and firmly against the devastation of voter-approved projects Eyman is proposing.

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