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From the Campaign Trail

As part of our efforts to shift into higher gear to defeat Tim Eyman’s incredibly destructive I-976 — a 2019 initiative to the Legislature that would sabotage projects to expand transit, build safer roads, and construct sidewalks — we have developed an initial visual identity for the NO on I-976 coalition. Take a look:

No on Tim Eyman's I-976


I-976 is as much of a threat to good roads in small towns as it is to transit in big cities — and our primary logo calls attention to this by showing a winding road next to the type. In keeping with the theme of protecting transportation investments, the “I-976” in the logo is rendered in a font that emulates highway signage.

The NO on I-976 website is now accepting submissions from individuals and organizations that would like to help send this ill-conceived measure to the dustbin of history. Visit to become a part of our coalition to protect Washingtonians’ freedom of mobility.

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