NPI/PD applaud legal challenge to I-960

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The Northwest Progressive Institute and Permanent Defense today commended Futurewise and SEIU Local 775 for filing suit to have Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960 blocked from the ballot because it exceeds the scope of the initiative process.

“Initiative 960 is an assault on the very fabric that holds our republic together,” said NPI Executive Director and Permanent Defense Chair Andrew Villeneuve.

“Democracy is all about majority rule with minority rights. Allowing a minority to completely control the budgeting process in our state is a step down the dangerous path to oligarchy.”

“Tim Eyman and his cohorts want to rewrite the rules because the electorate does not agree with their ideas. But our constitution cannot be amended by initiative or referendum. The Supreme Court has established that a measure which purports to amend or circumvent our state’s most sacred document can be challenged prior to an election. We hope the courts will set a precedent that checks abuse of the initiative process and upholds the rule of law.”

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