2020: Referendum 90 | Overview

On the ballot

Ballot Title: The legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5395 concerning comprehensive sexual health education. This bill would require school districts to adopt or develop, consistent with state standards, comprehensive age-appropriate sexual health education, as defined, for all students, and excuse students if their parents request.
Filed on: March 13th, 2020
Before Voters In: November of 2020
Mindie Wirth
Fate: To be determined
Election Results: TBD No data yet
Election Turnout: To be determined
  • 264,637 signatures were submitted to the Secretary of State’s Elections Annex (see qualification announcement).
  • Validation was conducted by random sample check. 7,940 of the R-90 signatures (a 3% sample) were checked. From that inspection, it was determined that the measure had an invalidation rate of 9.5%.
  • The random sample check found 7,186 valid signatures, 752 signatures that were invalid, and two pairs of duplicated signatures.
  • A minimum of 129,811 valid signatures were required to qualify an referendum in 2020 (4% of turnout in 2016 gubernatorial election)
Complete Text: Available (PDF)
Ballot Summary: The legislature enacted a law requiring all school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education, as defined, beginning in 2021-22 for grades 6-12 and in 2022-23 for grades K-5. Students must be excused from this program if parents so request. The curriculum must satisfy state standards. The content and frequency of providing comprehensive sexual health education would vary by grade level and must include affirmative consent and bystander training. K-3 instruction must be social-emotional learning.

Explanatory statement

The following is the explanatory statement prepared by the Attorney General’s office for Referendum 90 in advance of the November 2020 general election.

The Law as It Presently Exists


Source: 2019 Washington State Voter’s Pamphlet

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