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Eyman fails to crash union gubernatorial forum


Allies in opposition to Tim Eyman succeeded in stopping Eyman from breaking into a private union event and creating a scene. David Goldstein, of HorsesAss.Org, helped ensure that Tim’s plan to go into the “lion’s den” was foiled.

Tim had planned to bring a throng of supporters to ask questions of several Democratic and Republican candidates for governor. However, even though Tim was dressed in a fancy suit, he couldn’t get in. Goldstein, who helped alert the union to Tim’s plans, said the following of the event:

Originally, anybody could have just walked in, but they roped things off, checked ID, and hired extra security. They also talked to the media ahead of time, so if Tim had made a scene, they would be aware that he was crashing a private event.

Thanks to the work of opponents, Tim was prevented from rudely crashing another event intended for members only and wasn’t given the opportunity to rant in front of the press corps.

Tim Eyman’s antics demonstrate that he will go to any lengths to aggressively promote his badly-crafted plans- even attempting to interrupt private events.

Eyman launches 2004 attack on public services

Threat Analysis

Tim Eyman has unveiled his newest initiative effort for 2004 after the apparent failure of Initiative 807- axing property taxes by 25 percent. The profligate initiative filer’s latest attempts at controlling the state fiscally appear to be failing, with I-267 falling apart last December and I-807 now short of money and signatures.

Eyman promised a “voter veto” of any taxes passed in Olympia this year, a blatant attempt to intimidate Legislature. There is no such thing as a “voter veto” in this state or this country (a referendum is not a veto, it is a forced public vote on a bill). Tim is trying to goad people into believing that there is. To “get revenge”, he’s going to try to slice property taxes again- meaning that public education, parks, pools, police, fire, healthcare, and libraries would have to suffer once more.

Eyman will be attempting to get this initiative on the November 2004 ballot.

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