The anger, spite, and negativity of Tim Eyman

Rethinking and Reframing

Well, that didn’t take long.

This morning, Tim Eyman sent out an email very similar to one he sent out a week ago, again making it look like an editorial board said something mean about him, when in fact it was simply the opinion of one person writing in:

RE: EVERETT HERALD: “Hopefully Eyman will lose his house. Maybe that will keep him quiet.”

Can’t you just feel the love:

RUN FOR OFFICE OR PIPE DOWN: I predict that in two years the Legislature will water down Initiative 1053 because there is simply no alternative. That is why I will vote against any Eyman initiative in the future no matter the merit. I-1053 is not about waste in government; it’s about greed. I’m sick and tired of Tim Eyman trying to be the dictator of Washington from his little watch shop in Mukilteo. If Eyman wants to run the state let him get some guts and run for office. But I don’t think he has any guts. The voters of this state should send Eyman a message by voting down every measure he proposes. Hopefully he will lose his house. Maybe that will keep him quiet.” Steven Bates, Everett

The subject line of Eyman’s email, which contains the last two sentences of Bates’ letter, do not identify Bates as the author. Instead, the comments are attributed to the Everett Herald. The Herald may have printed Bates’ comments, but no one working for The Herald wrote them. Eyman could have easily prefaced Bates’ comments with “LETTER TO THE EDITOR”, but he chose not to do so. He used “EVERETT HERALD” instead to convey the impression that he’s being picked on.

And he ended his email with this instruction (to his supporters):

Take his anger and spite and negativity and use it as fuel for something positive.

Negativity breeds negativity. Steven Bates is fed up with Tim Eyman’s constant attacks on our common wealth and on the very fabric of our representative democracy. That’s understandable. If love is what Eyman wants to feel, he should start treating the people he deals with more kindly.

What part of the idiom, Ye reap what ye sow, does Eyman not understand? His rudeness and hostility are legendary… so he shouldn’t be surprised that people have negative opinions of him. He can’t expect others to be polite and respectful towards him when he is unwilling to extend them the same courtesy.

The Golden Rule is pretty simple: Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Eyman has repeatedly proved himself to be utterly incapable of adhering to the Golden Rule. In one breath, he plays the victim. In his next breath, he’s unapologetically trashing elected leaders and public workers.

Let’s take a look at the anger, spite, and negativity of Tim Eyman, shall we? The following are all snippets from some of the emails he has sent over the years.

From September 17th, 2009:

Congratulations to the Evergreen Freedom Foundation for making the crazies in Seattle even crazier by bringing FOX NEWS’ Glenn Beck to speak at Safeco Field on Saturday, September 26th. Bringing him into Jim McDermott’s district, the lion’s den of Seattle, to speak should make things especially interesting.

From January 14th, 2009:

Queen Christine, King Sims, and Knight Nickels are an embarrassment. None of them is showing any sympathy for the average taxpayer who is currently buried under our state’s enormous tax burden and tough economy. None of them has even an ounce of compassion for struggling working families and fixed-income senior citizens who simply can’t afford any more. Their reckless disregard for the additional tax burden this mega-uber-project will put on our state’s tapped-out citizenry is maddening.

From April 27th, 2010:

During this year’s legislative session, Democrat politicians in Olympia and the ‘Public Interest Groups’ (PIGS) that support them imposed $800 million in higher taxes — but that turned out to be just an ‘opening bid.’

From July 14th, 2007:

Justice occurred in King County today when Superior Court judge Catherine Shaffer, a Gary Locke appointee, rejected arguments by opponents of I-960 who sought to prohibit a vote of the people on the measure. Whacko lefty environmental group Futurewise (formerly 1000 Friends of Washington) and whacko lefty labor union SEIU argued that since they receive a lot of tax money from state government, they’d be harmed by I-960 because it may limit the flow of revenue to them.

We could go on.

Those four excerpts, by the way, don’t even come close to the meanest things Eyman has said. He questions motives and uses put-downs all the time. He regularly instructs his supporters to blast people who are in his way with harsh comments.

But occasionally, he goes even further. He’s accused opponents of criminal activity. He’s made private contact information public. We know because we’ve seen it happen. We’ve been monitoring Eyman for years.

Sometimes, we’ve been the target.

When NPI’s Steve Zemke interrupted one of Tim Eyman’s press conferences some years ago (because Eyman was blatantly lying about the state budget) Eyman’s response was to tell the Secretary of State’s staff to “get this guy out of here” even though he had chosen to hold his media event in a public building.

Through his conduct, Tim Eyman has pretty much turned his own name into a synonym for hypocrisy. And he has only himself to blame.

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