Governor Gregoire says I-1033 would “devastate” Washington

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At the Washington Conservation Voters’ annual Breakfast of Champions this morning, Governor Chris Gregoire made a special appearance to urge activists to do everything possible to defeat Tim Eyman’s jobs-killing Initiative 1033, which freezes services and budgets at current levels, locking in cuts, and redirecting future sales taxes to pay for a special property tax cut for the rich.

Gregoire described I-1033 as the “one thing that will ensure we devastate the State of Washington”, forestalling any hope of economic recovery.

Emphasizing the extroadinary nature of the threat I-1033 represents, Gregoire said of her speech, during her remarks: “I don’t do this very often. In fact, I don’t recall ever having done it as governor. I come here from the bottom of my heart to tell you, I will not stand by, I will not be silent, as Washington State faces yet another [destructive] initiative. ”

The governor attacked I-1033 with intensity, saying she found Tim Eyman’s efforts to fool the public into believing there’s a free lunch “incomprehensible”. “The proponent of 1033 says there will be no cut in services. I just don’t get how you can suggest that,” Gregoire said.

Read a full transcript of Gregoire’s remarks at the NPI Advocate.

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