Permanent Defense responds to Eyman’s submission of signatures for jobs killing Initiative 1033

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This morning in Olympia, professional initiative profiteer Tim Eyman submitted signatures for his latest scheme to wreck Washington – Initiative 1033, which would result in job losses across The Evergreen State.

“Our economy is extraordinarily fragile right now,” noted Northwest Progressive Institute Executive Director Andrew Villeneuve. (Permanent Defense is a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute). “Initiative 1033 would wipe out any chance of a quick recovery from this recession by destroying jobs across our state.”

If Initiative 1033 passes, cities and counties will have no choice but to start laying off public servants – if they haven’t already.

Such layoffs would not only weaken public services and our quality of life, but they would cause a ripple effect. A rise in unemployment, especially in Washington’s small towns, would further destabilize the economy and only lead to more competition for a scarce number of new jobs that don’t pay as well.

“Washingtonians need to understand that Initiative 1033 is a jobs killer,” Villeneuve added. “It’s a cynical, destructive idea that would wreak havoc on our communities. The pain that so many are feeling now from the Legislature’s dehumanizing budget cuts would be cruelly extended and deepened with the passage of Initiative 1033.”

“We simply cannot afford for this measure to pass. That’s why Permanent Defense, along with a wide and diverse coalition of other organizations fighting for the public interest, will be working hard in the weeks and months ahead to ensure that the people of this great state know the consequences of Initiative 1033.”

Defeating Initiative 1033…
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