Permanent Defense responds to Eyman’s 2009 anti-prosperity initiative

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The Northwest Progressive Institute today responded to the filing of Tim Eyman’s anti-prosperity initiative for 2009 in Olympia by announcing it will vigorously oppose the measure through its Permanent Defense project. I-1033, if it became law, would have a horrific impact on Washington State.

“Washingtonians have a long and cherished tradition of pooling our resources and working together for shared prosperity,” NPI Executive Director Andrew Villeneuve remarked. “This initiative would destroy our common wealth, making it almost impossible for us to improve our schools, create new jobs, or provide healthcare to children who aren’t covered.”

Villeneuve explained that Eyman’s measure would have a detrimental impact because it would paralyze government’s ability to respond to the basic needs of the people by imposing an ill-conceived, artificial limit on spending.

“Our democratic government, which belongs to each of us, exists so that we can do for ourselves collectively what we can’t accomplish alone,” Villeneuve added. “Revitalizing our economy and rebuilding our infrastructure will take a team effort. We need our government to be there for us in these tough economic times. Washington must reject this cynical and shameless attack on our future.”

NPI and its Permanent Defense division, which opposes misguided and harmful initiatives in Washington State, are initiating research into Eyman’s 2009 measure to learn more about the specific harm it would do to neighborhoods across the Evergreen State. Research will begin immediately.

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