State GOP endorses Eyman’s I-960


Why did they do it? Well, because the Washington State Republican Party loves initiatives that conflict with our state’s Constitution.

Yesterday, at the state committee’s quarterly meeting, the Evergreen State GOP unanimously renewed its firm and unwavering commitment to the right wing agenda.

In other action Saturday, the Republicans voted to endorse Initiative 960, activist Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to rein in taxes.

The initiative, which needs about 225,000 valid signatures by July, would require a two-thirds vote in both houses of the Legislature for tax increases, or simple majority plus voter approval.

The snippet above comes from an Associated Press article about the meeting, held in Yakima (via the Longview Daily News).

The state GOP has an established tradition of endorsing right wing initiatives – and not just those sponsored by Tim Eyman. Those Republicans who wonder why they’re losing need look no further than their party’s endorsement of I-960 yesterday, the latest exhibit in why the GOP won’t be taking over the statehouse anytime soon.

For more information on the harmful consequences of this disaster, visit Reasons to Oppose Initiative 960.

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