If Tim Eyman had one ounce of compassion…

Rethinking and Reframing

If Tim Eyman had one ounce of compassion for his fellow Washingtonians, he’d see that his initiatives are not only unnecessary, but harmful. Most of Mr. Eyman’s initiatives have destroyed critical revenue for public services. Reductions in public services are bad for taxpayers and bad for the economy.

The truth is that Tim really doesn’t care about anyone but himself. His whole operation is self-serving. His fundraising appeals should read, “Please donate to Help Us Help Ourselves”.

Mr. Eyman’s strategy is simple. Always talk about the cost to taxpayers. The pocketbook. The family budget. NEVER talk about the consequences. “Politician” is Mr. Eyman’s code word for some evil person who doesn’t care about their constituents and serves only special interests.

Ironically, Mr. Eyman seems to have forgotten that he’s a politician, too. And even more ironic: Tim is a very-well paid politician who is not only unelected, but gets money (a lot of money) from gambling companies and millionaires.

But the people Mr. Eyman is attacking – our state legislators and our Governor – aren’t evil. They’re courageous. Most are intelligent, decent people who care deeply about their communities and their state. They care enough to run for public office and serve the people. They have an interest in good, efficient government.

Most are familiar with mathematics and logic (which Mr. Eyman is not) and understand that it costs money to operate a government. It also costs money for good roads and transportation. Therefore, they have made a decision to make an investment in our future.

Tim Eyman is the last person to give anyone a lecture about compassion. It doesn’t appear he understands what compassion really is. In fact, it doesn’t seem Mr. Eyman understands much of anything. If he does, he doesn’t show it.

The news media must take care to explain not just the cost of something to its readers, viewers, and listeners – but also the consequences. If we cut revenue from our budget, public services will undoubtedly be affected. The electorate must know and understand this in order to make an informed decision on Election Day.

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