July Relaunch 2005 goes live


Permanent Defense has been working hard to improve the experience of our visitors. We’ve made the following recent improvements to our site.

Connection & Access

Getting to Permanent Defense and viewing its content has never been easier!

  • Faster loading. Some elements that often failed to load on the old homepage are gone. The homepage has less elements, so it loads more quickly.
  • Simplified home page. The home page is less cluttered and there’s more empty space to ease the strain on your eyes. Accessibility has been improved.
  • More accessible archives. The archives have been completely rebuilt – hundreds of broken links were repaired in an effort to make the Archives work smoothly. Additionally, all the pages in the archives had their navigation button system replaced to allow for a return to the to the archive homepage.

Design & Content

Permanent Defense content is completely revamped and more appealing.

  • Permanent Defense Journal. We’re excited to introduce the new Permanent Defense Journal – an integrated news blog providing instant updates to visitors. It covers everything – from announcing new website content to discussing newspaper editorials to bringing you breaking news stories.
  • Menu Center Update. Two year ago, we pioneered “menu centers” on our website to present important information to site visitors and help you get around faster. The Breaking News Center and the Front Page Release Center remain, but we’ve also added a Campaign Headquarters to help you find more content related to Initiative 900. Menu Centers remain clearly identified by clear, streamlined colored bars and Tahoma font at the top to improve navigation and clutter.
  • More Tahoma. Visitors have repeatedly told us that they wanted more of the Tahoma font because it was clearer to read and looked more high-tech. We’ve done our best to incorporate more Tahoma into the website. You’ll find that almost all PD sections and pages are now in Tahoma font or have Tahoma on them.
  • Better color. Thanks to feedback from site visitors, you’ll find that on every page, and our blue backgrounds lighter and softer, so it’s easier for you to read and navigate Permanent Defense. Our classic red text remains the same hue as before.
  • Reasons to Oppose I-900. Fully updated, Reasons to Oppose I-900 has all the information you need to know about why Initiative 900 is bad for Washington State. It also has resources and additional information.
  • Revamped Action Center. Our new Action Center is cleaner, easier to use, and has more tools and options available to take action.
  • About Us Update. The About Us page recieved a major facelift, including an updated history of Permanent Defense and a more appealing design.
  • New Advocacy Sections. Our new advocacy sections detail good policy that we’re fighting for. There are currently four advocacy sections: Voters Want Better Choices, Growth Management, The Initiative Process, and Supporting Sound Transit. You can access each via our link menu – they’re the blue buttons in the middle.
  • Essays: Our Arguments. With four new essays, and a fifth coming out next week, we’ve got Initiative 900 covered. Read why you should vote no on the initiative and why Eyman is now more reliant than ever on wealthy backers.
  • Press Box. The Press Box has received a major facelift. New stories are now automatically pulled off our newswires to give you the latest news. The Press Box also now includes editorials and commentary.
  • Release Center. From the updated Release Center, you can read Permanent Defense statements, content that appeared in our e-newsletter, Extra!, download PDFs and other files from our Document Library, and access links to resources on current topics.

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

POSTSCRIPT: In conjunction with Permanent Defense’s eighth anniversary in 2010, the project received a major overhaul. The above-mentioned advocacy sections were incorporated into NPI’s website, while the Press Box, Release Center, and Journal were merged together to create the Newsroom. Previous releases and journal entries dating back to 2002 can now be found in the Newsroom.

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