PDC should penalize Eyman for violations

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Permanent Defense, TaxSanity.org, and Taxpayers For Washington’s Future today filed an official PDC complaint against Tim Eyman alleging that the initiative profiteer appears to have been spending Initiative 864 campaign funds for his personal compensation PAC, Help Us Help Taxpayers, among other charges.

The complaint also accuses Eyman and his associates of a broad range of public disclosure violations- including delinquent reporting, as well as conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud.

Andrew Villeneuve, Chair of Permanent Defense, said “When it comes to the public disclosure law, Eyman acts as if the rules somehow don’t apply to him.”

“In his mind, it’s okay to file late, to use funds from one committee to apparently pay for another’s expenses, and to lie about taking a salary.”

“But when opponents do something that Eyman thinks is running afoul of the law, he puts up a big racket and acts like a victim. He clearly has a double standard.”

He said he expects the PDC to take action on the sixteen page complaint, saying “Last March, when Eyman filed his forms late, the PDC made clear that future infringements would not be tolerated. Unless Eyman is penalized, he will continue to ignore the law and get away with it.”

Previously, in March of 2004, Permanent Defense joined TaxSanity.org and Taxpayers For Washington’s Future in filing a complaint to the PDC that accused Eyman of not filing the names and addresses of his contributors on time.

The PDC condemned the delay and dismissed the complaint but warned Eyman that future violations could result in enforcement action.

Once again, Eyman has been caught in violation of the public disclosure law. Money is disappearing from the Initiative 864 campaign war chest, mailings for Eyman’s compensation PAC are suspiciously not costing anything, and donations Eyman has said he’s received aren’t being reported on time, and even when reported late, have discrepancies.

“This entire operation, including all three committees, needs an audit,” said Chair Andrew Villeneuve. “It’s all in shambles. He keeps making mistakes and filing late. Then he has to file amended returns with new versions of his records. And it appears that Eyman is using funds from one committee to pay for another’s mailings, even though he insists they’re separate.”

The complainants believe Eyman is clearly culpable of breaking the law, and has been allowed to get away with too many violations for too long.

It’s time for the Public Disclosure Commission to condemn these violations and penalize Eyman for not following the rules like everyone else.

Permanent Defense, allies file PDC complaint against Tim Eyman
Eyman refuses to answer charges

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