January Launch goes live!


Today, Permanent Defense is introducing many new features as part of our January Launch update. Here’s a rundown of the changes we’ve made.

  • Higher resolution viewing. Got a 1024×768 resolution on your computer? You can now view Permanent Defense in a version tailored specifically for the higher resolution.
  • Archives improved. The existing archives were updated, renovated, and organized into folders, with new pages from last July’s renovation moved in. More pages were made available.
  • Broken links fixed. We fixed over a hundred broken or incomplete links on the site. If you find one we missed, contact us.
  • Public Services in Trouble. Check out the new Public Services in Trouble section, which highlights the threats to public services across the state and offers dozens of statistics and links for your information.
  • Homestead Exemption Center. The Homestead Exemption Center explains the proposal advocated by Permanent Defense which would balance the payment of property taxes but remain revenue neutral.
  • All new Interviews with Critics. Permanent Defense is proud to introduce new relevant questions and answers from some of Tim Eyman’s most noted critics about Tim’s latest proposal.
  • New Reasons to Oppose I-864. New initiative, new reasons. The Reasons to Oppose section is completely updated, with short summaries and facts on why you should be against Initiative 864.
  • New Essays. Read about why you should oppose Initiative 864, why Initiative 776’s precedent could have chilling effects for home rule, and why the Homestead Exemption is a good alternative.
  • New Design. You’ll notice the site uses Tahoma in the Essays section, which also has a brand new face and is more appealing and easier to navigate. The Links page was also slightly redesigned.
  • Important Updates. The Sound Transit page was brought up to speed, with new text and graphics. Editorials & Cartoons now has more columns and political cartoons for your enjoyment. Critics’ Voices was also updated with new quotes.
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