Permanent Defense says “Yes!” to two newspapers


Permanent Defense has endorsed the Committee for a Two-Newspaper Town, which is fighting to keep both the Seattle Times and the Seattle P-I open. Permanent Defense agrees that two newspapers are essential for fair media coverage and good reporting. PD recognizes that many stories, especially dealing with the anti-tax movement spearheaded by Tim Eyman, were only carried by one paper.

The P-I, in fact, which is in danger of being closed, was the paper that brought Eyman’s pocketing of $300,000.00 to light in February of 2002. Lose a paper and you lose a voice. Permanent Defense’s Mission states that,

“We will work to oppose Tim Eyman in every appropriate means through the use of the Internet and technology.”

Both the P-I and the Times have carried stories that PD links to on its website. In addition, both papers have extensive and free archives, allowing PD to link to stories that relate to its issue.

If one newspaper went away, the other might start simply charging for archive use. The fact remains: two newspapers are an important facet of our life in Puget Sound.

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