2017: Current Campaigns

Permanent Defense is currently working to defeat two right wing initiatives, both in the signature gathering phase: Kaeley Triller’s I-1552 and Tim Eyman’s I-1150.

Kaeley Triller’s I-1552

As Washington Won’t Discriminate, the coalition fighting I-1552, explains:

I-1552 would repeal our state’s non-discrimination protections that for ten years have helped ensure our transgender family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are treated fairly and equally under the law. I-1552 won’t make us safer, but it will encourage more discrimination and harassment of transgender people, and would create serious financial and legal consequences for our state’s economy, businesses, schools and taxpayers.

I-1552 is being promoted by many of the same fundamentalist churches and individuals that previously tried unsuccessfully to overturn legislation to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (Referendum 65, 2006), allow LGBT couples to form civil unions (Referendum 70, 2009), and allow LGBT couples to marry (Referendum 73, 2012).

I-1552’s backers must collect about 320,000 signatures by July 8th in order to qualify for a spot on Washington’s November 2016 ballot.

If you see or are asked to sign a I-1552 petition between next month and July 7th, know that it’s a right wing initiative. Decline to sign, and urge everyone around you to decline to sign. If you are approached by a signature gatherer working for I-1552, please tell us about your encounter so we can better track the signature drive.

Tim Eyman’s I-1550

I-1550 is the latest initiative from Grover Norquist clone Tim Eyman and his associates.

Permanent Defense is working to organize opposition to I-1550. Eyman has until July 7th to gather about 325,000 signatures to force a vote on this scheme. If I-1550 qualifies, it would appear on the November 2017 ballot.

The petition for this initiative is easily distinguishable due to Eyman’s editorializing. On the front, it contains the words “Property Tax Fairness” in huge type:

Petition for I-1550
The top of the front side of a petition for Tim Eyman’s I-1550

If you see or are asked to sign a petition that looks like this, know that it’s a Tim Eyman initiative. Decline to sign, and urge everyone around you to decline to sign.

Please report any encounters with I-1550 petitioners to Permanent Defense so we can better track the signature drive.

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Have you been asked to sign a right wing initiative? If so, tell us about your encounter with the petitioner.

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