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Permanent Defense is currently working to defeat Tim Eyman’s I-947 (an initiative to the Legislature for 2018).

Tim Eyman’s I-947

I-947 is the latest initiative from Grover Norquist clone Tim Eyman. I-947 would eviscerate funding for Sound Transit 3, which was approved by voters last year, as well as WSDOT’s share of Amtrak Cascades. Local governments would lose the authority to levy vehicle fees to fund transit service, as cities like Seattle currently do.

I-947 is an all-out attack on transit funding in Washington State.

Sound Transit has calculated that I-947 would eliminate roughly $6.9 billion through 2041 for Sound Transit 3 projects and $1.2 billion through 2028 for Sound Move projects.

Permanent Defense is working to organize opposition to I-947. Eyman has until the end of the year to gather about 330,000 signatures to force a vote on this scheme. If I-947 qualifies, it would likely appear on the November 2018 ballot.

The petition for this initiative is easily distinguishable due to Eyman’s editorializing. On the front, it contains the words “” in huge type:

Petition for I-947
The top of the front side of a petition for Tim Eyman’s I-947

If you see or are asked to sign a petition that looks like this, know that it’s a Tim Eyman initiative. Decline to sign, and urge everyone around you to decline to sign.

Please report any encounters with I-947 petitioners to Permanent Defense so we can better track the signature drive.

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