Model Resolution Opposing I-1325

The following model resolution, prepared by NPI’s Permanent Defense, may be adapted to express an organization’s opposition to Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1325.

WHEREAS perennial initiative promoter Tim Eyman of Mukilteo has sponsored and is circulating petitions for Initiative 1325, filed on January 6th, 2014 as an initiative to the people for 2014;

WHEREAS I-1325 would eliminate approximately one billion dollars in funding every year for Washington’s public schools and other vital public services by decreasing the state sales tax, unless by April 15th, 2015 the Washington State Legislature approves a constitutional amendment undemocratically requiring a two-thirds vote to raise revenue or recover revenue for the state treasury;

WHEREAS I-1325 has been falsely promoted by Tim Eyman as a constitutional amendment to reinstate the unconstitutional supermajority requirement that was struck down by the Washington State Supreme Court in February of 2013 in League of Education Voters v. State of Washington, when in fact it is an initiative to the people attempting to coerce state lawmakers into agreeing to submit an amendment to the people that would overturn the LEV decision by holding funding for our schools hostage;

WHEREAS either the loss of a billion dollars per annum to our common wealth or the undemocratic modification of our Constitution to require two-thirds votes to raise and recover revenue would result in serious long-term damage to the communities of Washington State, including [list communities the organization serves];

WHEREAS our state’s founders understood that democracy requires majority rules with minority rights, and after much debate and deliberation, wrote a Constitution for Washington requiring that bills pass by a majority vote, understood to mean greater than fifty percent – no more and no less;

WHEREAS any higher or lower threshold for the passage of legislation results in power being concentrated in the hands of a few, rather than the many, such as one-third of one-house of the Legislature when I-601 and its clones I-960, I-1053, and I-1185 were illegitimately in effect;

WHEREAS allowing tax exemptions to be created by a majority vote, but repealed only with a vote of two-thirds or greater represents an unfair double standard that would make it nearly impossible to reform our outdated and regressive tax system;

WHEREAS I-1325 would contravene the Washington State Supreme Court’s 2012 decision in McCleary v. State, which found that Washington is abrogating Article IX of the Washington State Constitution by failing to provide for the ample education of all children residing within the state’s borders;

WHEREAS I-1325 would further violate Article IX of the Washington State Constitution by making it impossible for the state to fulfill its paramount duty of educating Washington’s youth;

WHEREAS Tim Eyman and his associates have a long history of sponsoring and profiting from unconstitutional and destructive initiatives, rather than working to improve the lives of Washington’s people or strengthening Washington’s diverse communities;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that [Name of organization] takes a position opposing I-1325, urges all Washingtonians to refrain from signing I-1325, and urges a resounding NO vote in the event I-1325 qualifies for the November 2014 ballot.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that [Name of organization] encourages every activist and citizen who supports the values that Washington was founded upon to join the coalition opposing I-1325.

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