Initiative 517 Editorial Scoreboard

Opposition to Initiative 517 is so broad and diverse that every major Evergreen State newspaper that has weighed in has taken a no position, joining a diverse coalition of businesses, labor unions, sports teams, civic groups, Democrats and Republicans.

Take a look for yourself. There’s just no comparison.


Publishers against I-I-517

The Seattle Times
On the November 4th ballot, it would grease the signature-gathering process. It reads as if Tim Eyman wrote it to expand his initiative-manufacturing industry.

Tacoma News Tribune
The right to petition the government is a vital one. But all rights have limits. I-517 overreaches, giving signature gatherers privileges that infringe on those of private property owners and the public.

The Olympian
Don’t be fooled. Initiative entrepreneur Eyman uses I-517 to pose imaginary concerns, and then overreaches for unnecessary solutions. It serves only his personal interests. Vote no.

The Spokesman-Review
The best that can be said of I-517 is that it gives voters three good reasons to say no. Take advantage of that.

The Stranger
It’s stupid, it’s unnecessary, and it will just lead to more stupid, unnecessary Eyman initiatives making it onto your ballot. Vote no on I-517.

The Wenatchee World
It is an initiative written by the professional pushers of initiatives, for the professional pushers of initiatives, to make their livelihood easier to obtain, to penalize those who might obstruct them, to give themselves privilege beyond the ordinary citizen whose signature they lure.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin
Plenty of signatures are now gathered, so blocking sidewalks, stores and public buildings is just not necessary. Nor is extending the time allowed to gather signatures from 10 months to 16 months. We strongly urge voters to reject I-517.

Vancouver Columbian
While the initiative process is vital to a thriving democracy, Initiative 517 would go too far in expanding protection for signature gatherers at the expense of other’s rights. We urge a “no” vote on this statewide ballot measure.

The Everett Herald
Initiative 517, a self-serving contrivance from Tim Eyman’s shop, is curiously un-Eyman-ish. Conservative and nonpartisan totems such as private property rights and free speech fall away. The mission is to make gentle the life of paid signature gatherers and those who make a living pedaling initiatives.

Tri-City Herald
You could almost make your decision on Initiative 517 based on one name: Tim Eyman. Eyman makes a living promoting measures on our ballots, and this one would make his job even easier while bringing an added dose of misery to the rest of us.

Longview Daily News
Among other things, I-517 would force local governments to put measures on the ballot if they receive enough signatures, even if they appear to be illegal. This would only add to the expense of futile elections and cities’ legal costs of defending measures that eventually get thrown out by a judge.


Publishers for I-517

Kitsap Peninsula Biz Journal
I’ve always been a strong supporter of the initiative process and will be voting for I-517 because I think it’s just common sense to preserve one of the few hammers citizens have to make Olympia listen.



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