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Washingtonians to enjoy an Eyman-free November this year, evidence suggests

For the first time in eight years, voters in Washington won’t have to decide the fate of a Tim Eyman initiative in November. That’s the conclusion we reached this week after completing our latest threat analysis assessment. In January of this year, Tim Eyman announced that his 2014 initiative would be I-1325, a Ted Cruz-inspired […]

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Tim Eyman is falsely advertising Initiative 1325

Ever since the Washington State Supreme Court decided the League of Education Voters case in early 2013, Tim Eyman has been agitating to reinstate the unconstitutional two-thirds vote requirement for raising revenue contained within I-601 and its clones. After arguing for years that the two-thirds vote requirement was constitutional (it wasn’t; it violated Article II, […]

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Twelve Years: Statement from the Founder

Today and throughout this month, Permanent Defense celebrates its twelfth anniversary, marking one hundred and forty-four months of continuous operation. Since February 15th, 2002, PD has served as a critical first line of defense against threats to the commonwealth and the Constitution of Washington State, fighting destructive right wing ballot measures and opposing Tim Eyman’s […]

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I-1325 would contravene the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision

Today, while Tim Eyman was busy trying to generate more publicity for his latest initiative by confronting House Speaker Frank Chopp in the statehouse, the Washington State Supreme Court ordered the State of Washington to submit, no later than April 30th, 2014, a “complete plan for fully implementing its program of basic education for each […]

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Tim Eyman borrows from the Ted Cruz playbook, turns to coercion with latest initiative

Perhaps galvanized by the headline-grabbing but ultimately failed tactics used by the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party during last autumn’s needless government shutdown, Tim Eyman today filed a revised draft of an initiative idea he’s been toying with for the last few weeks. The latest incarnation, which does not yet have a number […]

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Tim Eyman’s “advisory votes” are really costly, deceptive, and unconstitutional push polls

NPI’s Permanent Defense today released a new critical analysis of the “advisory votes” required by Tim Eyman’s Initiative 960. Titled “Tim Eyman’s “advisory votes” are really costly, deceptive, and unconstitutional push polls“, it explains that the five “advisory votes” on this year’s ballot are an expensive sham intended to maliciously influence voters, not provide our […]

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Tim Eyman again borrows against his house as a fundraising gimmick for his latest initiative

Tim Eyman acknowledged today that he is moving forward with his latest unconstitutional initiative by loaning his campaign committee a quarter of a million dollars, presumably so that he can begin a signature drive for the measure. Eyman is once again borrowing against his house, as he has in years past – or at least […]

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NO on 1185: Permanent Defense calls on Washingtonians to stop greed, reject latest oil-soaked Eyman initiative this November

Earlier today in Olympia, Tim Eyman made his annual appearance at the Secretary of State’s Elections Division (as usual, accompanied by Jack and Mike Fagan) to turn in signatures for his latest initiative, made possible by more than a million dollars in contributions from some of the world’s most powerful corporations. The list includes BP, […]

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Greedy oil industry once again propping up Tim Eyman’s initiative factory

More than a month after Tim Eyman announced that he would attempt to qualify a clone of Initiative 1053 for the ballot in 2012 (I-1185), we finally know what it was that prompted him to launch his signature drive: a commitment from oil industry lobbyists to dump money into his campaign coffers. Reports filed with […]

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Tim Eyman, master of shameless self-promotion, accuses Senate Democrats of having “a lack of humility and self awareness”

A question for Washington’s press corps: Does the email sent out by Tim Eyman today about last Friday’s chaos in the Senate sound like it was written by an adult? Because to us it reads like a series of petty schoolyard taunts and put-downs delivered by a third-grader who absolutely refuses to play nice with others. […]

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