Initiative 1033 | Overview

Summary: Initiative 1033 proposed to put a limit on state, county, and local general funds based on the revenue from the year before with adjustments for inflation and population growth. All excess revenue would be proportionally redistributed in the form of property tax reductions (meaning that large property owners would be rebated the most).  Since this limit is reset every year, it would have made it extremely hard for governments to recover from recessions and would have removed discretion of where revenue is appropriated from duly elected representatives. Initiative 1033 was also similar to an initiative passed in Colorado which was repealed after it crippled the operation of the state.

Sponsor(s): Tim Eyman, Mike Fagan

Official Ballot Title: 

“This measure would limit growth in state revenues deposited in funds subject to the state expenditure limit, and limit growth in county and city revenues deposited into the county and city current expense funds. The limit would be adjusted based on annual growth in inflation and population. The limit also would apply to revenues transferred out of these funds. The limit would exclude voter-approved revenue increases. Revenues above the limit would reduce property tax levies. Should this measure be enacted into law?

Before Voters: November 2009

Ballot Outcome: Measure Failed.

YES: 729,918 42.10%

NO: 1,003,943 57.90%

Fate: Initiative 1033 faced widespread opposition by a variety of groups, including the Catholic bishops in the state, unions, Microsoft, and the AARP. Tim Eyman went on to put more government-handicapping initiatives to a vote.

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