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2006: A year of victories for Permanent Defense, a year of defeats for Tim Eyman

Following yesterday’s Supreme Court decision which affirms that Sound Transit may continue to collect the local motor vehicle excise tax (MVET) it has levied for years, a tally of developments indicates that 2006 is very likely Tim Eyman’s worst year – ever. Among Eyman’s losses, defeats, and setbacks this year: He failed to qualify Referendum […]

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Victory! Four for four against right wing initiatives in 2006

Yesterday, Permanent Defense won an astoundingly incredible victory that can hardly be described in words. It was historic, it was monumental, it was titanic in size and scope. It was in almost every respect a complete rout of the regressive right wing agenda and a victory for progressives and Democrats. Anti-tax zealots are reeling after […]

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If Tim Eyman had one ounce of compassion…

If Tim Eyman had one ounce of compassion for his fellow Washingtonians, he’d see that his initiatives are not only unnecessary, but harmful. Most of Mr. Eyman’s initiatives have destroyed critical revenue for public services. Reductions in public services are bad for taxpayers and bad for the economy. The truth is that Tim really doesn’t […]

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Statement on the failure of I-917

The following is Permanent Defense”s response to yesterday’s news that Initiative 917 lacks sufficient signatures to qualify for the November 2006 ballot. “We couldn’t be more pleased,” said Chair Andrew Villeneuve. “Originally, we expected Tim Eyman to buy his way onto the ballot as he has in years past, no problem. But he surprised us. […]

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Statement in response to submission of signatures for I-917

Permanent Defense today responded to Tim Eyman”s submission of signatures to the Secretary of State’s office by renewing its commitment to fight the measure if it qualifies for the ballot. “Anyone with half a million dollars can buy their way onto the ballot, no matter your issue or political ideology,” Permanent Defense Chair Andrew Villeneuve […]

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Seattle Chamber of Commerce votes to oppose I-917

The Executive Committee of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce recently voted (on May 24th, 2006) to oppose Tim Eyman’s Initiative 917, which would destroy some $2.7 billion dollars of sorely needed, statewide transportation funding. Recommendation The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce unanimously opposes Initiative 917 […]

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WSLC endorses NO on Initiative 917

Hundreds of union delegates from aross Washington gathered in SeaTac just last Saturday for the Washington State Labor Council’s (WSLC) 2006 Convention of the Committee on Political Education (COPE). Delegates voted to endorse NO on Initiative 917 and DECLINE TO SIGN on Referendum 65. Delegates also endorsed NO on Initiative 933, the initiative that creates […]

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Washington not the “fourth highest taxed state” in the nation

Tim Eyman today sent out an email to supporters and the media claiming that Washington State is the “4th highest taxed state in the nation”.: Washington is the 4th highest taxed state in the nation. That means that 46 other states are providing education, transportation, and other government services at a lower tax burden than […]

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Does Dunmire know?

Does Eyman’s multimillionaire backer, Michael Dunmire, know that Eyman wasted thousands and thousands of dollars of Dunmire’s contributions printing up invalid petitions that the state won’t accept? Learn more about Eyman’s costly mistake in this Special Report from Permanent Defense.

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Costly oversight could lead to rejection of I-917 petitions

Once again, initiative profiteer Tim Eyman has made a costly mistake, printing up thousands of petitions for Initiative 917 that are invalid under state law, Permanent Defense has learned. The news was first reported by MajorityRules.org, a citizen action organization which shares Permanent Defense’s mission of fighting Tim Eyman and his anti-tax initiatives, working for […]

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