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Tim Eyman and Dino Rossi: Friends and Allies

Washington State GOP gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi likes to promote himself as a sunny independent thinker who will bring prosperity to Washington State. But what most people don’t know about Dino Rossi is his extremist positions – including his ties to initiative profiteer Tim Eyman, as well as his similarity to previous GOP candidates John […]

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Voters defeat Initiative 892!

WE’VE DONE IT! Thanks to your hard work and support, Initiative 892 has been soundly defeated by Washingtonians – right now, 60% of voters are rejecting I-892. Initiative 892’s failure is Eyman’s fourth defeat in a row and a great victory for this organization. Since our founding in February of 2002, Eyman is 1 for […]

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Voter-to-Voter: NO on Initiative 892

The following is a letter written by Josef Kunzler of Permanent Defense to help educate voters about the consequences of Tim Eyman’s Initiative 892. Dear Fellow Voter: I wanted to take a moment and explain to you the case against Initiative 892, the slot machine initiative that dumps 18,255 new electronic slot machines in the […]

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New report discredits Eyman’s claims

A new report released by the Department of Revenue has just discredited initiative profiteer Tim Eyman’s claims that taxes are skyrocketing and out of control. Indeed, the report found that Washington State’s tax burden has been declining since 1981- just the opposite of what Tim Eyman continues to claim. Eyman tried to dismiss the report, […]

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I-892 being funded by foreign corporations

Permanent Defense has learned that Initiative 892, Tim Eyman’s more gambling for lower taxes initiative, is being funded largely in part by a foreign corporation. Information from C-3 reports filed with the PDC list show Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, a company which owns six casinos in British Columbia, as a top donor, with $25,000.00 paid […]

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Eyman statistics about “obscene” taxes are misleading, meaningless

Since the beginning of his efforts to put I-864 and I-892 on the 2004 ballot, Tim Eyman has consistently complained about the rise in property taxes over the past several decades. His major, overriding complaint is that property taxes have increased from $1 billion in 1980 to $6.25 billion in 2003. But does this figure […]

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Critical moment in 2004 campaign season

This campaign began months ago with the launch of Tim Eyman’s so-called “25% property tax initiative” which Permanent Defense has opposed and fought for a year, since Tim Eyman announced it last June, along with many other opponents. The test of all that hard work comes this week. The signature deadline for I-864 and I-892 […]

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Folklife efforts a great success

The volunteer effort at NW Folklife throughout Memorial Day weekend was a great success. Volunteers from Permanent Defense, TaxSanity.org, and the Voter Education Committee alerted voters to the dangers of I- 864 and I-892. Many voters were dissuaded from signing the petitions after what they learned about the initiative’s devastating effects on Washington communities. Tim […]

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Permanent Defense joining forces with other Eyman opponents to educate voters

We are pleased to announce that we are now working together with other Eyman opponents to work for reform in the initiative process and promote good ethics for signature gatherers. Since 1999, Tim Eyman’s initiative factory has churned out a number of proposals which have done nothing to create real tax reform and have instead […]

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Eyman helps himself early this year

Initiative profiteer Tim Eyman has decided that this year, rather than tell his supporters he’s going to ask for donations if he’s successful, and then, despite failure, ask anyway, that he’ll start a little early. Eyman is helping himself to a $3,100-a-week salary from campaign contributions to his new initiative, which would open up the […]

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