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Voters in King County never demanded “$30 car tabs”

Still mad over King County Executive Dow Constantine’s successful efforts to patch Metro’s funding shortfall, Tim Eyman is now asking his supporters to print out and hang up an eight and one half by eleven inch poster which accosts King County Councilmembers Jane Hague and Kathy Lambert as liars, Councilmember Julia Patterson as a sell-out, […]

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Tim Eyman blows a gasket after learning of bipartisan deal to save King County Metro

On a day when people across King County are happy – happy that representative democracy at the regional level is working and overcoming obstacles, happy that our elected leaders have come up with a solution to protect Metro, a vital public service – Tim Eyman is angry, even though he doesn’t even live in King […]

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Eyman revises history again: I-776 wasn’t “overwhelmingly” approved by voters

The 2009 election may be over, but that hasn’t stopped initiative pitchman Tim Eyman from distorting the truth as he appeals to his followers to compensate him for failure. In his latest missive, copied to the media, Eyman writes: Over the past 11 years, we’ve sponsored 4 initiatives to reduce car tab taxes and voters […]

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Eyman initiatives have real consequences

Years after their passage, the aftershocks of Tim Eyman’s dangerous initiatives are still being felt. In an article published in the Everett Herald yesterday, the story of the struggling town of Gold Bar is told. Ever since the passage of Initiative 695 in 1999, Gold Bar has been in trouble. And now, the city is […]

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The impact of Initiative 695: One commuter’s story

Christine Dorsey of Kitsap County writes: I live in Kitsap County and Eyman’s antics have thoroughly disrupted my life. I commuted by ferry to Seattle, so I was very dependent on transit to get me from my home to the Kingston ferry. When the car tabs initiative passed [I-695] ,I lost my bus route, so […]

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