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Eight Years: Statement from the Founder

Today and throughout this month, Permanent Defense celebrates its eighth anniversary, marking the end of ninety six months of opposing harmful right wing initiatives, especially those sponsored by Tim Eyman. These last fifty two weeks – our eighth year – rank among the most difficult – but also the most rewarding – in our history. […]

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Eyman is wrong: Voters have repeatedly agreed with Gov. Chris Gregoire’s fiscal positions when it counts

In his latest diatribe to supporters, journalists, and elected leaders, initiative profiteer Tim Eyman trumpets a new SurveyUSA poll that he says proves the governor is unpopular. Eyman’s subject line said it all: “RE:  Gregoire pushes for higher taxes — new poll shows voters HATE her now more than ever — coincidence?  No way!” The […]

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Eyman revises history again: I-776 wasn’t “overwhelmingly” approved by voters

The 2009 election may be over, but that hasn’t stopped initiative pitchman Tim Eyman from distorting the truth as he appeals to his followers to compensate him for failure. In his latest missive, copied to the media, Eyman writes: Over the past 11 years, we’ve sponsored 4 initiatives to reduce car tab taxes and voters […]

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Pierce, Benton counties flip to NO on Initiative 1033

The victory over Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1033 continues to get bigger. Yesterday evening, Benton County… which is a reliable vote for Eyman’s anti-tax initiatives… flipped to the NO side, joining much of the rest of southeast Washington in defeating Eyman’s latest scheme to kill jobs and wreck our common wealth. And today, Pierce County has […]

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Statement on apparent defeat of Tim Eyman’s I-1033

The Northwest Progressive Institute, Permanent Defense’s parent organization,  released the following statement on the apparent defeat of Tim Eyman’s I-1033 tonight. “We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief tonight with the apparent defeat of Initiative 1033,” said Villeneuve. “I-1033 would have trapped our state in a permanent recession, making an economic recovery impossible.” […]

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Faith leaders speak out against Tim Eyman’s I-1033

Earlier this week, the NO on I-1033 Coalition held a press conference featuring four religious leaders opposed to Initiative 1033. The event was covered by KING5, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, NPI, and was mentioned by The Seattle Times. The NPI Advocate has been publishing the full statements of each of the faith leaders who spoke as […]

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I-1033’s placement on ballot bought and paid for by Michael Dunmire

In an email sent out today to supporters and copied to the media, Tim Eyman is once again hypocritically criticizing opponents of his latest destructive initiative for contributing large amounts of money to stop it from passing. Eyman singled out several unions and their international affiliates, sneering, “Washington DC’s most powerful government unions are seeking […]

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Governor Gregoire says I-1033 would “devastate” Washington

At the Washington Conservation Voters’ annual Breakfast of Champions this morning, Governor Chris Gregoire made a special appearance to urge activists to do everything possible to defeat Tim Eyman’s jobs-killing Initiative 1033, which freezes services and budgets at current levels, locking in cuts, and redirecting future sales taxes to pay for a special property tax cut for the rich. Gregoire described I-1033 as the […]

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Initiative 1033 a recipe for unstable budgets and a bankrupt common wealth

In debates and forums across the state, initiative huckster Tim Eyman continues to try to peddle his latest scheme to trap Washington State in a permanent recession by claiming that it will stop politicians from “creating unsustainable budgets.” This “unsustainable budgets” talking point is a cowardly deception on Eyman’s part that not only wildly distorts […]

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Susan Hutchison calls Eyman’s I-1033 “a disaster”

Last night at the Suburban Cities Association dinner in Tukwila, Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO TV anchor who captured the most votes in the primary for King County Executive, agreed with her rival Dow Constantine that Initiative 1033 is simply unaffordable for Washington State. Asked, “If Initiative 1033 is approved by the voters, what do […]

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