Collected Commentary


From 2002-2003, Permanent Defense published a series of interviews with activists and strategists involved in helping fight Tim Eyman’s destructive initiatives.

From the opinion pages: Notable op-eds and editorials


  • Tim Eyman’s secret war on light rail (Danny Westneat)


  • Eyman out to destroy representative democracy (Andrew Villeneuve)


  • Eyman’s life would be different as an American Indian (Eileen Yoshina)
  • You’d be a fool to gamble on Eyman’s latest scheme (Floyd McKay)
  • Initiatives can be addictive (Danny Westneat)
  • Gambling industry has itself a hired gun (Chi-Dooh Li)
  • Initiative 892 is a bad bet (James Austin, Jr.)
  • Shun Wal-Mart approach to taxes (David Goldstein)


  • Eyman should come clean (Steve Zemke)
  • Robbing schools to punish roads (Thomas Shapley)

Columns by Joel Connelly for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Commentaries by Ken Schram for KOMO

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